Northwest Okalahoma Home Builders Association

Renowned Home Builders Association in Oklahoma

Northwest Oklahoma Home Builders Association is a non-profit Oklahoma corporation and a trade association that represents builders, developers, and related industry professionals in Enid and northwest Oklahoma.

We are a strong team and represent the industry’s best interests.

Our Associations

We serve the building industry in Enid and northwest Oklahoma areas.

  • Oklahoma State Home Builders Association (OSHBA)

  • National Association of Home Building (NAHB)

Comprehensive Programs

  • 1.

    Powerful legislative advocacy.

  • 2.

    Effective business networking.

  • 3.

    Money-saving benefits.

  • 4.

    Proven educational programs.

  • 5.

    Up-to-date industry awareness.

  • 6.

    Valuable resources.

What We Can Do For You

  • The corporation also educates, trains, and disseminates information to members.

  • Our association works with federal agencies on regulations that affect the housing industry in niche areas like mortgage finance, codes, energy, and the environment.

  • Our association represents the industry’s best interests on Capitol Hill.

  • We monitor and work toward improving the housing finance system and enhance the housing industry public relations.

  • Northwest Oklahoma Home Builders Association strives to ensure that housing remains a national priority when laws are passed, and policies are established.